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MobileLog by NØHRsoft

MobileLog is a ham radio logging application for PocketPC (Windows CE 3.0 or greater) devices. Features include:

*  Beam headings and distance (in km or miles) to DX stations.

*  Synchronize log files between your desktop PC and PDA by exporting or importing the common ADIF formatted log files. MobileLog also exports log data in comma separated value format (CSV), which can be viewed by spreadsheet programs.

*  A Modifiable QSO entry screen. Change colors, timezone (for GMT logging), pull down menu items such as modes & bands… MobileLog can be configured to match your operating style.

*  RST arrows: Enter a QSO and set your RST using only your stylus.

*  DXCC reports: Get detailed DXCC reports by band or mode for both “worked” and “confirmed” countries.

*  Search feature: Lookup previous QSOs with a single button.

*  ARRL Bandplan

*  Temperature conversion: Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.

*  Quick county entry: Define a preset county list of frequent county QTHs for your QSO entry screen. With a single click, log which county you were in while during the QSO.

*  Modifiable country database. As prefixes change and DXCC countries are added/deleted users can make changes to the database.


A 15-day demo version of MobileLog is available. The demo should be used to determine whether MobileLog would work as expected on your system.


Register MobileLog for $29.99 via PayPal:



Note: 31-Jan-2002 My email provider has been having problems. If you tried to send an email and I did not respond, please resend the mail to: Sri.



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