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Welcome to the MobileLog site

This beta will expire Jan 15, 2002. Please let me know if there are problems or enhancements.

At the moment, I don't have a lot of documentation. I hope to have a full website up and running by mid-January with patch downloads, full instructions (with screen shots)... the works. For now:

1) Download the zip file corresponding to your CPU.

2) Unzip the zip file and run setup to install MobileLog.

3) The install process may notice that some files on your PDA are outdated or missing. If this is the case, choose "Yes" or "Yes to all" to install the updates.

3a) You may want to import some existing desktop log before initially running MobileLog. For example, I use Logger on the desktop. To do this, start the file explorer and go to the directory where MobileLog was installed (ie /Program Files/MobileLog). Move your ADIF formatted log file to the MobileLog install directory and rename it to "MobileLogADI.adi". (Note, this will be a cleaner process in the initial release). Run the ADIFImport.vb program by clicking on it. It should walk you through the process.

4) You can now use the MobileLog icon in the start menu to launch MobileLog. If this fails for some reason, you can use the file explorer to go to the MobileLog directory and click on MobileLog.vb.

5) The ? icon in MobileLog should explain most things.

The only things I ask for this beta release are:
a) please let me know if you are using it, what CPU & PDA, OS, ...
b) do not use it beyond Jan 15 (I want to get an official release out soon).
c) report any bugs/enhancements - I'm hoping to make this a solid product quickly
d) have fun with it. Go ahead and sit in meetings studying your DXCC reports or recent QSOs.

Pat, N0HR